Analyst Coverage

Various analysts cover Media and Games Invest plc (MGI) and publish profit forecasts based on their own analyses. On this website we provide an overview of their financial analysis.

MGI cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the valuations or their presentation and cannot be held responsible for them in any other way. The valuations or recommendations made by the analysts represent exclusively the opinion of these analysts and do not necessarily correspond to the opinion, valuations or forecasts of MGI.

The overview is for non-binding information only and is in no way to be understood as a request or advertisement for the purchase, sale or holding of shares of MGI. Accordingly, any responsibility or liability of MGI for damages of third parties resulting from the non-binding information on this website is excluded.

Below you will find an overview of the analysis of financial analysts covering MGI.

Kepler Cheuvreux

Analyst Date Price Target Link
Sven Sauer 2021-01-25 See link
Sven Sauer 2021-01-18 See link
Sven Sauer 2020-12-02 See link
Sven Sauer 2020-11-30 See link
Sven Sauer 2020-11-05 See link
Sven Sauer 2020-10-30 See link
Sven Sauer 2020-09-10 See link

Warburg Research

Analyst Date Price Target Link
Jörg P. Frey 2021-01-21 4.60€
Jörg P. Frey 2021-01-18 3.10€
Jörg P. Frey 2020-12-01 3.10€
Jörg P. Frey 2020-11-12 3.10€
Jörg P. Frey 2020-08-31 3.30€
Jörg P. Frey 2020-08-25 3.30€
Patrick Schmidt 2020-04-16 2.40€
Patrick Schmidt 2020-02-19 2.40€
Patrick Schmidt 2020-01-24 1.90€
Patrick Schmidt 2020-01-23 1.90€


Analyst Date Price Target Link
Tim Wunderlich 2020-01-29 4.30€
Tim Wunderlich 2020-11-10 2.90€
Tim Wunderlich 2020-08-05 2.70€
Tim Wunderlich 2020-06-18 1.80€
Tim Wunderlich 2020-03-03 1.80€
Tim Wunderlich 2020-02-18 1.80€
Tim Wunderlich 2019-01-08 1.80€

EDISON Investment Research

Analyst Date Price Target Link
Richard Williamson 2021-01-19 No target
Richard Williamson 2020-12-01 No target
Richard Williamson 2020-10-01 No target
Richard Williamson 2020-08-20 No target
Richard Williamson 2020-08-05 No target
Richard Williamson 2020-07-13 No target
Richard Williamson 2020-05-18 No target


Analyst Date Price Target Link
Cosmin Filker 2020-02-01 5.15 €
Cosmin Filker 2020-12-07 3.20 €
Cosmin Filker 2020-09-08 2.95 €
Cosmin Filker 2020-08-27 2.85€
Cosmin Filker 2020-07-16 2.85€
Cosmin Filker 2020-05-07 2.10€
Cosmin Filker 2020-03-09 2.10€
Cosmin Filker 2020-02-20 2.10€
Cosmin Filker 2020-02-12 1.90€
Cosmin Filker 2019-11-11 1.90€

First Berlin

Analyst Date Price Target Link
Ellis Acklin 2021-01-19 4.00€
Ellis Acklin 2020-12-02 2.80€
Ellis Acklin 2020-08-06 2.90€
Ellis Acklin 2020-04-16 2.80€
Ellis Acklin 2020-03-04 2.80€
Ellis Acklin 2020-02-21 2.80€
Ellis Acklin 2019-11-07 2.10€
Warburg Research
Jörg Philipp Frey
EUR 4.60

Hauck & Aufhäuser
Tim Wunderlich

EUR 4.30

Kepler Cheuvreux
Sven Sauer

See link
Cosmin Filker
EUR 5.15
First Berlin quity Research
Ellis Acklin
EUR 4.00
EDISON Research Investment
Richard Williamson