Fact Sheet


Registered Office:

Media and Games Invest plc
St. Christopher Street 168
Valletta VLT 1467, Malta

Investment company with focus on digital media and online gaming

Description of Business:
Media and Games Invest plc (MGI) is a fast- and profitable growing company in the digital media and games sectors. The company combines organic growth with value-generating synergetic acquisitions, demonstrating continuous strong, profitable growth. In the past 6 years, the MGI Group has successfully acquired more than 30 companies and assets. In order to achieve efficiency gains and competitive advantages, the acquired assets and companies are consequently integrated and amongst others cloud technology is actively used. Media and Games Invest is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and on XETRA.

Board of Directors:

Remco Westermann (Chairman) 
Elizabeth Para (Non-Executive) 
Tobias Weitzel (Non-Executive)

Share Capital:

€ 70.020.000 

Share Information:

Number of Shares issued and outstanding: 70,020,000*
Number of Shares authorized: 300,000,000
WKN: A1JGT0; ISIN: MT0000580101; Symbol: M8G

* 22,053,507.00 additional ordinary shares, with a nominal value of EUR 1 each, are currently in the process of issuance. They result from capital increases in connection with the acquisition of AppLift GmbH and the gamigo AG shares.

Shareholder Structure:

49.42% – Bodhivas GmbH*
50.58% – Free Float
*Bodhivas GmbH holds 57.87% of the voting rights of MGI 

Date of Incorporation:

21 March 2011

Accounting Standard:


Financial Year:

01 January – 31 December

Stock Exchanges:

XETRA, Frankfurt

Market segment:

Basic Board

Paying Agent:

KAS BANK N. V. – German Branch

Designated Sponsor:

Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG
Oddo Seydler Bank AG

Public & Investor Relations:

Sören Barz
Head of Investor Relations

Tel.      +49 170 376 9571
Fax      +49 40 411 885 255